Burford Caring, Qualified


Dear Editor:

With the November election fast approaching, I just wanted to take an opportunity to say how fortunate we are to finally be able to vote for Connie Burford for the Accomack County School Board.

I don’t think there should be a doubt in anyone’s mind how much she is devoted to the school system and wants to see things improve for the children and the staff in the schools. However, what some people may have forgotten is how much she did to help a bus driver she had never met, who had been wrongfully terminated from this school system, when he came to her for help. I haven’t forgotten.

He was my bus driver when I went to school and he drove my child at the time. I told her about Mr. Leon and she was very happy to listen to his story. She then stood by him and helped us as we organized everything he needed for his appeal process to the school board. When he was denied his appeal, she helped with all further investigation necessary because we both knew he was unjustly accused.

In the end, Mr. Leon was reinstated to his position driving the bus even though it was on a different route, he was a happy man. Her care for Leon was genuine. She came to his funeral when he passed and even though many of us were denied entrance to the service, she and I decided we would gather everyone for a service outside of the church alongside Leon’s bus to celebrate his life with all of the past and present bus riders and even some of his family members were in attendance.

I cannot think of a more genuine, caring, qualified person to serve Accomack County on the school board.

Pamela Mister-Lynch, New Church

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