Lilliston is Trustworthy, Experienced


Dear Editor:

I am an employee of Accomack County.  All departments in the county from the airport, to food service, to parks and recreation have a working relationship with James Lilliston daily in the treasurer’s office.  He is a humble Christian man of the highest integrity, honesty, and experience.

James is a dedicated employee to the treasurer’s office and a servant to the people of Accomack County.  James is the face you’ve seen in the treasurer’s office for the last 14 years! He is the “go-to” person for the employees of Accomack as well as the residents of our county. He is that “old shoe,” the one you feel comfortable talking to. The one that can help solve problems and get the work done.

James has the professional experience, education, and proven history of productive employee/management relations. As an active member of the Treasurer’s Association, he has been working with fellow treasurers and their staffs from across the commonwealth through education, networking, and performance standards. The ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced work environment has been one of James’ many qualities. He is the one you can trust to be a steward of the county’s money and a servant of the people.

I’d like to steal a great quote from our Virginia Delegate, Rob Bloxom,  “Performance not Promises!” So join me and my family on November 5th and vote for James Lilliston, the most and only qualified candidate for Accomack County Treasurer!

Linda W. Williams, Lee Mont

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