Arcadia Hosts Outdoor Track Meet

Amiyzah Harmon opens girls 100-meter dash with a strong start. Photo by Whitney Metz.

By Whitney Metz —

The Arcadia Firebirds hosted the Nandua Warriors and Chincoteague Ponies for a competitive boys and girls track meet on April 22. The following athletes from Arcadia, Nandua, and Chincoteague placed in the meet.

Boys  Results

100-Meter Dash: Cooper Brock 11.40 (Arcadia), Lavor Johnson 11.65 (Arcadia)

200-Meter Dash: Cooper Brock 24.17 (Arcadia), Kevin Cropper Jr. 2.23 (Arcadia)

400-Meter Dash: Jackson MaGuire 58.19 (Chincoteague), Jordan Harper 59.99 (Chincoteague)

800-Meter Run: Jordan Jones 2:16.80 (Nandua), Carlo Balmoria 2:18.23 (Nandua)

1600-Meter Run: Carlo Balmoria 5:05.63 (Nandua), Brayden Shotwell 5:07.42 (Nandua)

3200-Meter Run: Brayden Shotwell 11:04.00 (Nandua), Aaron O’Shea 13:17.71 (Chincoteague)

110-Meter Hurdles: Joseph Prendergast 21.25 (Nandua), Connor Lee 24.08 (Nandua)

300-Meter Hurdles: Emory Harned 48.59 (Nandua), Joseph Prendergast 21.25 (Nandua)

4×100-Meter Relay: Arcadia 47.06, Nandua 47.66

4×400-Meter Relay: Chincoteague 4:02.62, Nandua 4:06.60

4×800-Meter Relay: Nandua 12:34.5 0

High Jump: Kevin Cropper Jr 6-00.00 (Arcadia), Lavor Johnson 5-10.00 (Arcadia)

Long Jump: Diesel Frisch 18-08.00 (Nandua), Kevin Cropper Jr 18-03.00 (Arcadia)

Triple Jump: Lavor Johnson 40-04.00 (Arcadia), Kevin Cropper Jr 38-08.50 (Arcadia)

Discus: Dahleal Harmon 115-05.00 (Nandua), Derrick Harmon 113-10.00 (Nandua)

Shot Put: Nicholas Hutchinson 42-00.00 (Nandua), Umari Bailey 38-04.50 (Nandua)

Girls Results

100-Meter Dash: Amiyzah Harmon 13.05 (Nandua), Kayla Wharton 13.56 (Arcadia)

200-Meter Dash:  Amiyzah Harmon 29.70 (Nandua), Khamari Parker 31.85 (Arcadia)

400-Meter Dash: Lacy Gouldin 1:15.27 (Nandua), Kendyl Farrell 1:18.12 (Chincoteague)

800-Meter Run: Grace Bentley 2:54.07 (Nandua), Lacy Gouldin 3:29.97 (Nandua)

1600-Meter Run: Grace Bentley 6:23.02 (Nandua), Layla Jones 7:26.24 (Nandua)

3200-Meter Run: Layla Jones 16:18.24 (Nandua), Nora Bahn 18:25.69 (Nandua)

100-Meter Hurdles: Taylor Thornes 18.29 (Nandua), Khamari Parker 23.20 (Arcadia)

300-Meter Hurdles: Taylor Thornes 52.68 (Nandua), Angelia Joynes 1:07.56 (Nandua)

4×100-Meter Relay: Nandua 56.16, Arcadia 1:01.29

4×800-Meter Relay: Nandua 16:22.09

Long Jump: Anna Yunker 13-10.00 (Arcadia), Kayla Wharton 13-03.00 (Arcadia)

Triple Jump: Kayla Wharton 27-02.50 (Arcadia), Kallie Williams 27-01.00 (Nandua)

Discus: Madison Johnson 85-11.00 (Nandua), Angelia Joynes 68-09.00 (Nandua)

Shot Put: Madison Johnson 27-05.50 (Nandua), Brittany Dennis 25-11.50 (Nandua)

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