Accomack Circuit Court Indictments


By Nancy Drury Duncan – 

Jamir Kuamel Giddens, 32, of Parksley, convicted of selling drugs and ordered to spend one year and five months of active jail time, will be released a month early to complete the classes at Eastern Shore Community College that he began at the Eastern Shore Regional Jail’s re-entry program. 

“He came in determined to benefit from the program,” testified Vincent Thomas, Northampton County coordinator of the jail’s re-entry program. “He did a lot to improve his skill level,” Thomas told the court. He said Giddens has taken a college-level HVAC course and has gone as far as he can without actually attending classes at the college. He said the ESCC summer semester begins in May and Giddens is not set to be released until June 3. He said Giddens hopes also to enroll in the CDL program, which also begins in mid-May. Thomas described Giddens as a leader who has “done exceedingly well in the program.” He said he would be delayed an entire semester if not released early. 

Commonwealth’s Attorney Spencer Morgan said he appreciated Giddens’ success and hard work, but added, “The re-entry program should not be an early out for defendants.” He said the program should be tailored to the court-ordered sentence rather than the sentence tailored to fit the program. 

Giddens has benefited from the program, said Judge W. Revell Lewis III. “I am going to give him the opportunity.” 


Bre’zaun A. Douglas, 37, of Accomac, will serve one year in jail for violating the terms of his probation by failing to report a charge of reckless driving and for testing positive for marijuana and cocaine. 

Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael Baker said Douglas owes both back child support for his three children and $22,000 in restitution for the larceny. Douglas was convicted of two counts of grand larceny in 2013. He took a stolen watch to a pawnshop and received $500 for it. The watch was a Rolex worth $22,000. He owes an insurance company that amount to cover the insurance claim on the watch. Douglas said he paid the child support rather than the restitution because he knew he could be jailed for not paying child support. 

Judge Lewis ordered him to spend six months in jail for each grand larceny conviction, to use no illegal drugs, and to set up a payment plan. “If you don’t pay restitution, you can go to jail for that. There needs to be a payment plan, even if only $20 a month,” Lewis said. He ordered Douglas to be on supervised probation for five years and good behavior for five years. 


Daniel James Miller, 36, of Bloxom, was sentenced to two years with all time suspended for possession of cocaine. “Since the date of this 2020 offense, you have gone above and beyond what was asked of you,” said Judge Lewis. “You have quite a past but have finally changed your life,” he said. Lewis was referring to the fact that since Miller’s most recent drug arrest he has sought both in-patient and out-patient intensive drug treatment on his own and has been successful. He is continuing to go to Norfolk once a week and is attending AA meetings. 

“He has numerous convictions since 2004,” said Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney William Fox. “He has been in constant treatment.” 

Defense attorney Tory Delpierre said, “This was a wake-up call for him. He has taken every action he can. He made it clear he wanted help.” Delpierre told the court that Miller brought $1,230 to fully pay his restitution. “You have done everything you could possibly do,” said the judge. He ordered Miller to be on supervised probation for two years and on good behavior for five years. 


Travis Shreaves, 29, of Chincoteague, convicted in 2015 of receiving stolen property, violated the terms of his probation by using illegal drugs and by not staying in touch with his probation officer. 

Shreaves said he failed to stay in contact with the probation office because, “I did a lot of prison time for something wasn’t all that serious.” He told the court he was anxious and did not want to go to prison again. 

“You have a drug problem,” said Judge Lewis. “This is your second probation violation.” He said Shreaves owed $5,000 in restitution. “You need to take care of that.” Lewis ordered Shreaves to spend three months in jail.

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