Biden Won’t Fix Health Care


Dear Editor:

I have sat and read the Nov. 26 letter to the editor from the Rev. Willis (“Build Back Better Will Benefit Shore,” Nov. 26) several times.

If you remember Biden’s health care mantra while running for office: “I will make sure you have the same health care as my family.” That’s not going to happen.

Biden will not do anything to make health care better or more affordable, simply because that would mean Obamacare was a travesty. Thousands upon thousands of people lost full-time positions and jobs because of its mandated coverage and insurance cost tripled because of that menace.

Joe Biden has done nothing for this country for almost 50 years. But he has become very, very rich. It is time for affordable and better health care and to get jobs back to this country, but Biden will not get it done. He is a tax waster who has gone as far as he can in his political career, so what does he care? He is the perfect argument for term limits.

If Biden wants to impress someone, he needs to dump Obamacare, correct Medicare, and put insurance costs back two years. Yeah, right.

But I do thank God that there is actually one Democratic Senator from West Virginia who said the Build Back Better plan is way too costly and would not vote for it. Maybe there is hope.

George Hornung,

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