Let Children Breath


Dear Editor:

To mask or not to mask, that is the question?

Masks were intended to curb the spread of the COVID-19 virus. That has not worked. COVID-19 has continued to infect people. The next variant has been wild and it is time to start living with the COVID-19 infection.

Requiring children to wear masks while in school, all day, is harmful. Pundits continue to say, “Masks will control the virus.” Why hasn’t it worked? Why hasn’t COVID-19 been eradicated? The country has heard for the past two years, “Wear your mask, follow the science.” The question is where is the science of common sense? How many children in school have been hospitalized with COVID-19? How many children have had a serious reaction to COVID-19?

Children touch their faces all day long. They share toys, games and, yes, ChapStick with other children. They share masks! A child went to school recently and forgot his mask. Another student had a used mask at the bottom of her book bag. She gave it to the young boy before entering the school.

Common sense tells us this may be a ridiculous mandate. Have we lost our ability to see the answer? Are we more concerned about our own hides and not the future of the children we profess to care about? The contradictions verge on insanity, the same restriction expecting a different result.

If masks work, why is there still the transmission of the COVID-19 virus?

Stop harming our children in school. Let them breathe!

Ken Tucker,
Lee Mont

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