Thank You to Shore Nonprofit Employees


Dear Editor:

COVID-19 has stopped much of the world as we know it. It has been heartbreaking to witness the effects of this virus on the residents of the Eastern Shore but so heartwarming to see people continue to work to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

There are many heroes on the Shore and we are all so thankful for their service. I would like to bring attention to those who have worked in nonprofits and local agencies on the Eastern Shore. They can be overwhelmed with the needs of others in the best of times. Imagine what their work load is like now. Trying to make sure no one goes hungry. Trying
to find safe shelter for those who have nowhere to go. Trying to make sure people have heat and electricity. Trying to make sure everyone has access to the services that will help improve their quality of life. The list goes on.

I am still watching the directors, their staffs, and the volunteers of organizations on the Eastern Shore who continue to go above and beyond to take care of our neighbors. They have worked long hours from home, delivered meals themselves, and provided food to children who were missing meals because of school closing.

I want to recognize their dedication to the community we know as the Eastern Shore.

I thank them for their service.

Dawn Taylor Byrd,
Executive Director United Way of Virginia’s Eastern Shore

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