Thanks to Businesses That Stayed Open


Dear Editor:

During this pandemic period when we have to stay home I would like to thank some of the places that stayed open and/or had food that we could pick up or have
delivered, especially to us elderly who seldom cook big meals anymore.

Many thanks to Bill’s Restaurant who stayed open and continues to have pick up and delivery of meals. It was really great of them to think of us as well as the other residents. Many thanks also to Famous, J&B Subs, and Subway who were also there for us. The Village was opened at 5 p.m. for takeout. It was really gratifying to be able to pick up meals or have them delivered. I think there were a few others but I did not avail myself of their services.

A big thank you also to Bill and Fran who run Manna Cafe for delivering our meal every Monday. These meals are delicious and homemade. Many thanks to the volunteers for cooking and delivering. Also thanks to the restaurants who included a gift certificate with one of our meals.

With all of us staying at home, it was really heartwarming for these places to stay open even though they were probably losing money. I and many others appreciate this very much.

Marianne White,
Chincoteague Island

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