Masks Needed Outdoors


Dear Editor:

I attended the Lovefest 2020 in Cape Charles. I am appalled at the negligent disregard of mask-wearing and safe distancing for proactive containment and limit of dispersal of COVID-19.

This reckless, inconsiderate irresponsibility to assist in the eradication of this virus is incomprehensible. I don’t understand why most of the attendees would potentially perpetuate the transmission of this disease.

I would estimate less than 10% of the adults wore masks. That’s one in 10, at most, covering their noses and mouths. People were congregating and commingling with some drifting through groups of friends and associates. Most concerning is many of the adults were seniors. Hopefully, they are without pre-existing disease.

Two local police officers were walking among the crowds conversing with folks with no masks. Even fewer teens and children wore masks. I witnessed four or so out of more than 100 young people with their adult guardians wearing masks. Those people are commendable.

I even watched a school staff member serving refreshments to adults and children with the mask under the chin and no physical barrier.

Why were most adults and those that are guardians so complacent on wearing masks and social distancing? We are basically in the seventh month of this coronavirus. I believe we must have further understanding and be educated on the ramification of this disease and side effects, especially what is now defined as “long haulers” of the virus.

Most seem to adhere to “correct” mask wearing and social distance mandate in closed areas. But in open areas there is disregard to take safety measures. Take off the blinders. Be responsible. Protect our love ones, friends, your neighbors – outdoors, too. How far downwind is safe? Listen to distinguished subject matter experts not the noise. Don’t be complacent — it’s contagious!

James Lamberth,
Cape Charles

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