Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital among country’s best

The emergency entrance to Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital in Onley, Va. File photo by Jay Diem.

BY JANET BERNOSKY, Eastern Shore Post —

For the fourth consecutive year, Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital in Onley has received national recognition as one of the top small, rural, community hospitals in the country by one of the nation’s leading healthcare consulting firms.

“At a time when other hospitals are struggling, closing inpatient care and going to an emergency room-only model, Shore Memorial and the Riverside brand remain strong,” said Nick Chuquin, hospital president.

The Top 100 Rural and Community Hospitals list for 2024 was compiled based on results of a comprehensive and objective assessment of more than 1,200 similar U.S. hospitals by the Chartis Center for Rural Health.

Chuquin has high hopes for the hospital to continue to rank nationally in the top tier for years to come.

Three other Virginia hospitals made the list. On Delmarva, just one other hospital, the University of Maryland Shore Medical Hospital in Easton, was recognized.

Research shows residents in rural locations are more likely to travel longer distances to access health care, with significant burdens of time lost and money spent to get there.

However, Chuquin cited a market analysis showing that more people are choosing to seek care on the Eastern Shore rather than leave the area.

“We are proud to provide nationally recognized, award-winning, and innovative care solutions for patients of all ages close to home,” said Chuquin.

Additionally, Chuquin and his team remain committed to providing health care to Eastern Shore residents that is high-quality, safe, and accessible, he said.

Chuquin placed importance on outcomes viewed from a patient’s perspective.

In 2023, he said Shore Memorial was recognized for having the highest rating for patient satisfaction within the entire Riverside system.

Speaking more personally, Chuquin was passionate about how important the Shore Memorial Hospital’s motto is to him: “To care for others as we would care for those we love – to enhance their well-being and improve their health.”

“No other hospital has ‘love’ in their motto, to my knowledge, and this means so much to me,” Chuquin said.

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