LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Examine candidates in Nov. 7 election


To the editor:

Gov. Glenn Youngkin was elected in large measure due to his stance on parental rights, and as governor he has tried to reverse the movement by school boards to indoctrinate children with gender ideologies.

Sadly, policies emanating from Richmond are not enough to stop the die-hard ideologues from attacking our children. Several Northern Virginia school boards have already declared their intention to thwart the governor’s orders.

A far more disturbing situation has developed in our neighbor to the north, Maryland.

There a judge has ruled against parents being allowed to exempt their children from being taught ideologies about gender that are antithetical to their values as Christians or Muslims.

This means that in Montgomery County the only way to prevent children from being indoctrinated in public schools is to home-school or send them to private school.

Unfortunately, this is out of reach for many families.

This can happen in Accomack County and our best defense is to elect school board candidates who will fight for the right of children to be children, without being subjected to a radical school board or administration who consider parents to be obstacles to their indoctrination.

It is clear that we cannot rely on Richmond or the courts to protect our children. We must do it ourselves.

A new Accomack School Board will be elected on Nov. 7.

It is imperative for every voter to carefully examine the record of incumbent candidates and challengers alike and vote responsibly for those who will protect our children from radicalism.

Delmas Mears Jr.

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