LETTER: After the loss of two girls, love and cherish your family


To the editor:

I would like to express my gratitude to the Eastern Shore Post for its coverage of the fatal car crash that took the lives of two beautiful children on Jan. 28.

On that fateful day, Nadyanaliz Ortiz Vazquez and Dajerilyz Ortiz Lebron would never return to their family. 

Their mother and father would never again get to share another birthday, holiday, meal, or even an ordinary day just driving to school with them. 

Their two living sisters would never share time again laughing, singing, or playing with their best friends. 

Nonetheless, the same cannot be said for the Castiglia family. Their hurt should not be compared to the hurt of the Ortiz family. 

Their family was able to hug Joseph Castiglia, guilty of two counts of manslaughter, goodbye after his trial. 

They were able to eat another meal with him before he had to report to the jail on March 6.

They had 402 extra days to spend with him from the time of the accident to the day he turned himself in to face the consequences of his actions. God willing, they will see and hug him again. 

Although I am sure they are hurt and they will miss him, he was able to walk away from the destruction he caused. 

He was able to kiss his loved ones, friends, and family goodbye. The Ortiz family did not get that chance. Their pain will never go away.

I agree with the newspaper’s position that we can all learn from Joseph Castiglia’s mistakes in order to be more aware of our actions, be careful, and pay attention when driving on Route 13. 

However, this situation teaches us a bigger lesson than that: Life can change in the blink of an eye, so love and cherish the moments you are given to share with your loved ones.

Lisa Sanders

Teacher, Northampton County

Public Schools 

and Ortiz

Family Friend


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