LETTER: Wonders why Truist in Mappsville is closing


To the editor: 

For decades there has been a bank in the vicinity of Hallwood, either within the town or on U.S. Route 13. Today that bank is Truist Bank, formerly First Virginia Bank, of Mappsville. It is one of the prettiest banks I have ever seen, with its blue-and-white interior. 

The personnel — Bobby Marshall, Vernon Dix, Rose Mapp, and Gail Willet, just to name a few — were always kind, considerate, and so helpful.

Through several mergers, the bank has served northern Accomack County residents. But the announced closure of the Truist bank in Mappsville will inconvenience many people.

I live about two miles from the bank and running to the ATM for emergency cash has been invaluable.

The upcoming closure of the Mappsville branch means I will now have to travel 20 minutes to Onley for cash withdrawals and deposits.

There are only two banks that service northern Accomack County. What are the employees of the Tyson Foods Inc. processing plant going to do? They only get a half-hour lunch and normally cash their checks at the Mappsville location.

What about the residents of Bloxom, Mappsville, Nelsonia, Hallwood, Oak Hall, and New Church? They will probably switch to PNC Bank in Oak Hall.

What about all of the small businesses whose receptionists, bookkeeepers, and owners normally make their deposits locally, during their lunch break?

Bank officials should know people who have had accounts there for decades are not going to travel 20-plus minutes on a 30-minute lunch break to cash their checks. Truist has lost their business.

I travel to Eastville daily for work, so I still have the option of using the Onley or Exmore Truist branches. But retirement is looming and I don’t want to think I would have to travel to Onley for banking, when it has been such a convenience to drive two miles from my home.

A bank should not be so concerned about the numbers. It should be concerned about meeting the needs of the communities it services.

As I passed the Mappsville branch on a recent Friday night, both drive-through lanes were full and there was a line waiting at the ATM. How can they say this is not a busy bank?

I’d love to hear some reasons from the bank’s board of directors about why they are closing the Mappsville branch. 

Connie Wilson


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