Accomack County hires instructor for school EMS program


By Stefanie Jackson – Accomack emergency services Captain Shawn Malone will be the instructor for the Accomack schools EMS program, Director of Secondary Education Karen Taylor announced at the Aug. 16 school board meeting.

The program will prepare seniors to become certified EMS providers and start careers in emergency services right after graduation.

Taylor said the basic courses that participating seniors need for graduation will be “front loaded” into the fall semester so the students will be available to take the EMS class in the spring, which will be held every weekday, from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., through March.

Participating students will complete their senior year coursework in March unless they opt also to attend the fire academy that will follow the EMS class.

EMS instructors are normally paid by Accomack County, but the EMS instructors who teach the seniors also will receive compensation from Eastern Shore Community College, which is seeking a full-time EMS instructor.

The program will allow students to prepare for EMS careers during school hours instead of having to attend the required classes at night.

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