Dismay and Hope


Following a letter from a reader, we invited commentary on the House Select Committee’s Jan. 6 hearings. This is a response to the hearings.

Dear Editor:

I thank the Post for publishing the letter from Sam Norton. Of all the noise about what happened on Jan. 6, I have never heard or read a more reasoned, thoughtful, or unbiased observations about what we are facing.

Regarding the hearings, I was dismayed to learn that the then-president was repeatedly told by people working closely with him and people in the same political party that he had lost the election, that there was little or no fraud involved. Unfortunately, the ensuing assault on the integrity of elections could cast a shadow over future elections and distract and divide us even more in the future.

That many Republican officials played a key role in avoiding a political disaster gives hope that our two party system will survive and grow stronger and more united having survived a grave threat to our democracy.

John Bulette,

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