Accomac School Worthy of Saving


Dear Editor:

First of all, it was reported that the cost to renovate Accomac School would be only slightly more than destroying it and building a metal and brick structure. Thus, the beginning of our effort to save this building.

Second, who was responsible for preventing the deterioration of such a well-built structure? Evidently nobody since it is reported to be in such bad shape. Gee, no one to assume guilt. How convenient.

Third, according to a Post article, “building would be stripped down and filled with 21st century infrastructure.” That’s expected. Just save the facade. It’s still beautiful.

Fourth, as I write this, we are still having fundraisers for the grocery store, so historic that it will eventually be our regional library. I do support that effort. It will be wonderful. But can’t we salvage a part of history that educated our future leaders and didn’t sell even one can of peas or a box of cornflakes?

Please, I beg the Accomack County School Board and the Board of Supervisors to at least try very hard to protect our school. After all, that’s where I learned to read the Post and write this letter.

Barbara Haynes,

Former Accomac School student

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