VDOT: Fix the Roads


Dear Editor:

The Virginia Department of Transportation needs to get its priorities straight.

I live in Keller and the condition of the roads here is deplorable. The roads are too narrow, in many cases, for two cars to pass each. So narrow that for a car to pass, one driver has to wait for the other to pass. Or, for many inconsiderate people, they choose to drive through the edges of our yards, leaving deep ruts the owner has to constantly fix to keep their yards looking nice and to be able to mow the lawn.

I put out reflectors to deter this, but apparently someone complained. So VDOT, instead of fixing the road, sent gas-guzzling trucks out to take photos of the offending reflectors. A different person drove out later that day to tell me I had to remove the reflectors, and yet another two to three days later to make sure I complied. All this after being told I’d receive a call from a person in charge of VDOT to discuss the matter.

It appears that VDOT would rather cater to complainers than address the road problems. I’d rather lose a couple of yards of front and side yard to have the road properly fixed than to have to constantly fix my yard.

VDOT, spare me the excuse of not having enough money in the budget to fix the roads. I see you have plenty of our taxpayer money to buy shiny new trucks and equipment and fuel so employees can ride around and give people grief for trying to protect their property and taking pride in how their yard looks.

Stephen Wallace,

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