Accomac Primary Educated the Greatest Generation


Dear Editor:

“Thanks for the Memories” was the 1930s song that was adopted by the Accomac High School Class of ‘38. They began school in the mid 1920s in three wooden buildings and a couple of outdoor toilets. Their new school opened in 1932 complete with indoor plumbing, an auditorium, and science lab. They performed a Gilbert and Sullivan Opera in the auditorium. The girls were first in basketball and softball. The boys had a basketball championship in ‘37. One young man set the 880 record on the dirt track. They won the state debate championship. The valedictorian became the Shore’s first woman doctor. The men served bravely in WWII. They were part of the Greatest Generation.

Don’t tear down their school.

Don’t tear down their memories.

Don’t tear down our legacy.

Barbara Haynes,

(formerly of Accomac)

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