Accomac Primary a ‘Historic Treasure’


Dear Editor:

I read with great interest the letter in your April 1 edition from the Accomac Town Council regarding the fate of the old Accomac Primary School building (“Save Accomac Primary”).

I am dating myself a bit to say so, but I spent my early school years there. Besides many fond memories of classmates and a very good early education, I will note that the building itself was definitely part of the experience. It seemed so huge at the time and large grounds were fantastic for children at play.

It is a nice looking building still and if there is not much difference in the cost, it would be a crime against future generations to tear it down and replace it with a cookie-cutter modern building surrounded by a large paved parking lot. That would not be an attractive addition to our community.

I urge the school board to look outside the box and do everything possible to save this historic treasure.

Bruce Bonniwell,

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