Random Facts About … the Real Names of Famous People


By David Martin – 

When we opened our internet tubes for cleaning this week, a bunch of strange names came out. We didn’t recognize any of these real or birth names until we matched them with celebrities’ names. We’ll give you the original names and see if you can match them to the celebrity names. 

  1. Onika Maraj 
  2. Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr. 
  3. Albert Einstein 
  4. Demetria Guynes 
  5. Hint: Number Four was married to number Five, Walter Willis, and to … 
  6. Christopher Kutcher 
  7. Margaret Mary Emily Anne Hyra 
  8. Belcalis Almánzar 
  9. Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko 
  10. Alphonso d’Abruzzo 
  11. Leroy Harold Scherer Jr. 
  12. Shawn Carter 
  13. Frances Gumm 

How did you do? Here are the matching celebrity names: 

  1. Nicki Minaj. Miss Minaj apparently wanted to keep her original last name but someone in the music industry changed it even though Minaj/Maraj fought against that decision. 
  2. Snoop Dogg. Depending upon what album he was putting out, Snoop Dogg has changed his name to Snoop Lion and Snoopzilla. The Snoop part came from a nickname his mother gave him. She thought he looked like Snoopy from the “Peanuts” cartoon. 
  3. Albert Brooks. He changed his name when he entered show business, although we think Albert Einstein is a smart name for a comedian. 
  4. Demi Moore. Demi comes from Demetria, apparently a shampoo name that her mother fancied. Moore is Demi’s first husband’s name. 
  5. Bruce Willis. Willis dropped his first name and used his middle name as his first name. 
  6. Ashton Kutcher. Another case of using a middle name as a first name and dropping the original first name. 
  7. Meg Ryan. She wanted a shorter name and picked Ryan because it was her grandmother’s maiden name. 
  8. Cardi B. Her sister’s name is Hennessy so, keeping the alcohol-name connection, people began calling Cardi B “Bacardi” after the name of the rum. Bacardi was shortened to Cardi. The B might stand for her original name, Belcalis, or, according to Cardi B, “beautiful” or “bully.” 
  9. Natalie Wood. Producers changed her name, presumably because her original Russian name was a mouthful. 
  10. Alan Alda. His father made up a new last name using the first letters from Alda’s original name: Alphonso d’Abruzzo. 
  11. Rock Hudson. A talent scout came up with the new name from the Rock of Gibraltar and the Hudson River. Rock Hudson apparently hated the name. 
  12. JAY-Z. The rapper has had several stage names and has even changed his current name from lowercase to uppercase and with the hyphen now but previously without it. When he married Beyonce Knowles, he added her name to his, officially becoming Shawn Knowles-Carter. 
  13. Judy Garland. As a child, she was in a singing act with her two older sisters, and they became known as the Garland sisters. Then she loved a song that was popular at the time, “Judy,” so changed her first name.
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