Meeting Neighbors


Dear Editor:

How do neighbors get to know each other?

A new neighbor is a wonderful thing; it’s exciting! I could see the American flag flying in the yard. There was another thing too: a Trump sign in every window. What do they want us passersby to know? What do they believe?

Then I thought to myself, if I had a sign in my window what would I want my new neighbor to know about me as a Democrat. I’d want them to know that 50,000 Virginians just got affordable insulin. I would want them to know that it was cool to increase the minimum wage in Virginia. I’d want them to know that I’m grateful that teachers got an increase in pay. I would want them to know that I value our right to vote, the Constitution, the peaceful transfer of power, and truthfulness. Finally, I’d want them to know that no matter your race, my race, or ZIP code, that all of us deserve an equal say in how we shape our future.

I wonder what it is they want me to know. I hope we have some shared values. But I have to be honest, I don’t share admiration for Trump. I am African American and no matter how many black people you put in the front row waving Blacks for Trump signs at a rally, overwhelmingly, we know he displays the actions of a racist. As Maya Angelou says when they show you who they are … believe them. But I am always open for grace and conversation.

McKinley Joynes,

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