Don’t Force Vaccines


Dear Editor:

[This letter is a reply to “Join the ‘War’ Effort,” which appeared in the Nov. 5 edition of the Eastern Shore Post.]

In response to Mr. Saunders’ statement that “their freedom stops at my lungs,” your freedom stops at my skin. You have no right to demand that I take an experimental vaccine that I do not want.

As for “clergy being so egocentric as to insist on having large indoor services,” you do not have to attend.

And in reply to “State governors whose actions fly in the face of science”: A government that oversteps its authority cannot be trusted with “science.” Examples include Black men with syphilis not being treated intentionally over decades, soldiers told to stand where an atom bomb was being detonated to see what it would do to them, soldiers sprayed with Agent Orange and not told the consequences, the failed anthrax vaccine. Shall I go on?

If you want to wear a mask and take the vaccine and stay 6 feet away or at home, by all means have at it, but don’t try to impose your will on the rest of us. That is called dictatorship. It has no place in a free society.

Louise Johnson,

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