Vote Finale Norton


Dear Editor:

On Nov. 2, I’m voting for Finale Johnson Norton and I’d like my friends and neighbors on the Eastern Shore to join me.

You may ask why I support her candidacy for the Virginia House of Delegates.

I’m voting for Finale because when I first met her, I simply had a positive feeling about her forthrightness and ability to represent the Eastern Shore’s needs. Others I’ve talked with regarding Finale and her passion to fight for us in Richmond share my impression.

It’s a mystifying excitement we’ve all have felt about dynamic community and workplace leaders. Those individuals, either your boss, an elected official or a family member, exude a sentiment that they are much more than simply their words.

Couple that appeal with Finale Norton’s demonstrated success in the private sector will hopefully convince you that she has earned your serious look. I urge my Eastern Shore friends and neighbors to invest a few minutes reviewing to understand my enthusiasm.

Bill Payne,
Cape Charles

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