Coastal Flooding To Last Through Monday, Oct. 11


The National Weather Service in Wakefield, Va., has issued an updated briefing highlighting prolonged tidal flooding continuing through at least Monday, Oct. 11. The High Surf Advisory has been extended to 7 a.m. Monday and the

Overview and Impacts:

  • Minor to moderate tidal flooding is ongoing (or has occurred earlier today) across the region.
  • The upcoming high tide cycle overnight will be lower, generally seeing nuisance to minor flooding.
  • Additional minor to moderate flooding is expected to return late Monday  morning through Monday afternoon
  • Coastal Flood Warnings have been extended through Monday for the Chesapeake Bay from the Maryland Eastern Shore south through Hampton Roads, including adjacent tidal rivers. On the ocean, Coastal Flood Warnings have been extended through Monday for Northampton County, Va., south to the Currituck Outer Banks. Coastal Flood Advisories for minor tidal flooding have been extended through Monday for Worcester, Md., and Accomack County, Va.
  • Additional minor- to locally-moderate tidal flooding is possible through Tuesday.
  • Widespread flooding of vulnerable areas will result in an elevated threat of property damage where moderate flooding is forecast.

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