Moving Rooster and Turkey Bring The Love


Dear Editor:

This is not a complaint or a political or religious letter. I hope it may make someone smile.

A few months ago as I drove from Parksley to Onley through Greenbush, I saw a rooster standing by a driveway; it made me smile. I observed this for a few weeks before he moved to the other side of the driveway, closer to the soybean field. For a few weeks he stood there by himself; each time I saw it I smiled. Then a few weeks ago on my way to Onley, I saw a turkey standing a few rows into the field, and the rooster was turned, facing the turkey. Over the next few weeks, the turkey moved by rows closer to the edge of the field. Then last week I saw he had finally moved out of the field. The rooster and the turkey are facing each other and seem to be carrying on a conversation, two different beings just passing the time. And it made me smile.

So maybe if you are going from Parksley to Onley through Greenbush maybe you will notice this and smile.

Oh, to the person responsible for this smiling moment, thank you; we needed this.

Dianna Turner,

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