Dog Stolen in Car Theft Found Safe in North Carolina

Piglet, an 8-year-old Lab/dachshund mix, is safe and sound and back with her family after a harrowing incident in which she was taken, along with the family car, from the Walmart parking lot in Onley. Piglet was recovered in North Carolina. Photo courtesy of Caroline Lewis.

By Carol Vaughn —

An Eastern Shore family is thankful to have its dog back safe and sound, after a car theft in Onley Monday led to a harrowing couple of days.
The Lewis family’s Subaru Outback was stolen from the Walmart parking lot in Onley, with their 8-year-old Lab/dachshund mix, Piglet, inside.
“Everybody was upset. Of course, we were. We just knew she was gone,” said Caroline Lewis, of Accomac.
The car was found Tuesday, damaged and stuck in deep mud at a construction site near Greenville, N.C. — a nearly four-hour drive from Onley — but the dog was not there.
Piglet was spotted tied up outside a grocery store near Greenville.
“I never expected to have her home again,” Lewis said in a Facebook post Wednesday.
“She was tied in front of a Food Lion store in Greenville for about three hours. A nice young lady saw her and thought ‘Something is not right.’ She called animal control and we received pictures and confirmed it was Piglet,” Lewis wrote, adding, “…We are extremely grateful to all involved in locating Piglet, especially Onley town police and the law enforcement in Greenville.”
The Lewises headed to North Carolina right away to pick up the pup, arriving back home in the early morning hours Wednesday.
Caroline Lewis in a telephone interview Wednesday thanked Onley Police Chief Charles McPherson and officers in North Carolina for their efforts to find the dog and the car.
“The Onley police have been really wonderful, very professional,” Lewis said.
A Greenville animal control employee who met them when they came to pick up Piglet even texted Lewis afterward to make sure they arrived home safely.
“How many people would have done that?” Lewis said.
She also wants to thank her daughter-in-law, Missy Lewis, who drove with her to North Carolina to retrieve the beloved pet.
Additionally, Lewis’ neighbor, Karrie Williams, even brought over a gift bag “full of little treats” for Piglet.

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