Fix the Route 13 Traffic Lights


Dear Editor:

This is combination pet peeve and suggestion for whoever has control over the stoplights on U.S. Route 13. The pet peeve happens when I am driving along Route 13 and see a driver approaching a stoplight intersection on a crossroad and the driver makes a quick stop in the right turn lane and then turns onto the highway and speeds away. The few seconds that the driver was in the right turn lane was long enough to trip the traffic control box into cycling the lights, thereby bringing the entire highway to a halt for a right-turn car that is now long gone. Both northbound and southbound lanes are now at a standstill at an empty intersection, with the right-turn car’s taillights fading in the distance.

My suggestion to the powers that be is that a 10- or 15-second delay be put into the cross-traffic right-turn lane car sensors so that the lights don’t cycle for someone making a quick stop-and-go onto the highway. This would be a tiny inconvenience for the right turn traffic that would be more than compensated by ensuring the smooth flow of traffic in the main lanes of Route 13.

Brian Bloedel,

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