Onancock Still Has COVID-19 Recovery Funds to Give to Small Businesses

Town of Onancock welcome sign. Photo by Carol Vaughn.

By Carol Vaughn —

Onancock is at around the halfway point in distributing grant funds to small businesses to help with rent and mortgage payments and other costs incurred as result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The town to date has provided 15 qualifying Onancock businesses with grants totaling over $100,000, according to Jenny Gehman, program manager for Onancock Main Street.
Onancock Main Street, a volunteer-driven, nonprofit organization, is partnering with the town to administer the grant.
Onancock applied for and received a Small Business Recovery Assistance grant from the Virginia Department of Housing and Community Development to help Onancock businesses with rent and mortgage payments and certain retooling costs incurred because of COVID-19.
Each qualifying business can receive up to $15,000.
The deadline to apply is Nov. 1.
Among Onancock businesses that have benefited from the grant is the Blarney Stone Pub.
“The grant administration team went out of their way to assist with the application and documentation required by the state to get the grant approved and the check delivered. I would urge those in business to pursue the grant money and not be hesitant to ask for assistance,” said Terris Kennedy, owner of the Blarney Stone Pub.
“We strongly encourage every Onancock business to apply for these funds. There is no payback requirement if you are awarded the grant. This is not a loan; it is a gift to qualifying businesses,” Gehman said in an email.
Home-based small businesses also may apply to be reimbursed for a maximum of 25% of their rent or mortgage.
To apply, visit https://www.onancock.com/community/page/
Additionally, a project management team stands ready to assist businesses in applying for the grant. The town office telephone number is 757-787-3363 for information.
“The grant administration team is here to help and has high hopes of allocating every cent that has been made available to us through DHCD,” Gehman said.

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