Perdue Gets Another 150 Vaccines for Accomac Plant Workers


By Carol Vaughn —

Perdue Farms received an additional 150 doses of COVID-19 vaccine for workers at the Accomac poultry processing facility late last week, according to a spokesperson.
The vaccines were made available immediately, on a voluntary basis and free of charge. The doses were continuing to be distributed early this week, according to spokesperson Madison Scanlan.
Employees at the Accomac plant started receiving vaccinations Feb. 8, marking the beginning of the company’s vaccine distribution to its employees across the United States.
Since then, Perdue has also helped 300 Perdue workers be vaccinated through a partnership with a local health care provider last weekend.
Workers who received the vaccine also had appointments made for their second dose.
Additionally, the company facilitated vaccines for more than 135 workers in partnership with local health departments in California.
“In just two weeks, Perdue has made great progress toward its goal of offering 100 percent of its associates nationwide access to the COVID-19 vaccine free-of-charge. To date, we have made nearly 700 vaccines available to plant associates located in Maryland, Virginia, and California, thanks to the strong relationships Perdue maintains with healthcare providers and local health officials in each community it operates,” said Randy Day, Perdue Farms chief executive officer, in a written statement.
According to Day, Perdue last fall, when it became clear COVID-19 vaccines would soon be available, began to plan for distributing the vaccines “as quickly and efficiently as possible to its frontline associates” — including preparing educational materials in multiple languages, advocating for poultry workers to be prioritized in state and national distribution efforts, and training on-site health center staff.
“Perdue’s frontline workers continue to help maintain America’s food supply during these uncertain times, and we remain committed to doing our part to advocate for our associates nationwide and offer vaccines as quickly and widely as supplies allow in the coming months,” Day said.

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