Accomack County Election Results Certified

Amy Budd, of Painter, left, signs in at the Wachapreague polling station. Photo by Jim Ritch.

By Carol Vaughn —
Accomack County final results for the Nov. 3 election include several winners of town offices determined by write-in vote.
The official results came after the electoral board met.
In Bloxom, Thomas W. Beasley will be mayor after receiving the most write-in votes.
Council members in several towns also were determined by write-in vote.
The state board of elections Monday delayed certification of election results statewide until later in the week to give additional time to the Richmond voter registrar’s office, which has had a COVID-19 outbreak, according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Officials said they have received certifications from the other 132 localities in the state. The state board of elections certified the results Wednesday.

The final tallies in Accomack County for the presidential, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, and town races are as follows:

Donald J. Trump: 9,172
Joseph R. Biden: 7,578
Jo Jorgensen:        188

U.S. Senate
Daniel M. Gade:    8,863
Mark R. Warner:    7,939

U.S. House of Representatives
Scott W. Taylor:     8,793
Elaine G. Luria:      7,707
David B. Foster:      342

Mayor:  Patricia T. Smith
Council:  Thomas E. Hines, Joyce M. Lewis, Christopher W. Newman, Steve R. Troyer, Patricia E. Hubbard, Dale B. Lawrence (write in)

Mayor: Thomas W. Beasley (write-in)
Council: Louella H. Fox, Samuel H. Bloxom, Jr., Christopher R. Kreisl, James T. Bagwell, II (write-in), Mary E. Jimenez( write-in), Peter G. Bourbeau, II (write-in)

Mayor: Charles R. Wilbur
Council: James R. Wilson, Brian B. Langley, Daniel F. Macca (write-in), Gregory J. Spady (write-in), David A. Peffer (write-in), Raymond W. Lewis, Jr. (write-in)

Mayor: Matt Hart
Council: Claudia C. Harmon, Billye D. Custis, Woody W. Zember, William R. “Bill” Ferguson, Brian A. Corbin, Rose M. Pierson
Mayor: Connie W. Campbell
Council: James N. Sturgis, Eric T. Harris, Kim R. Savage, Stephen J. Hearne, Thomas L. Willett, Barry C. Frey

Parksley Special Election for Council Member: Henry T. Nicholson Jr.

Constitutional Amendments
Question #1: yes -10,666 no – 5,239
Question #2: yes -14,653 no – 1,787

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