Scott Taylor Has Forgotten Navy Ethics


Dear Editor:

Scott Taylor’s campaign staff attempted to rig the election in 2017 by getting folks to sign forms so that Shaun Brown would be included in the election. He hoped that this would take votes away from Congresswoman Elaine Luria. Scott says that he knew about the effort; however, he did not know about the illegal forgeries made by his campaign staff. The prosecutor traced the activity to discussions in Scott Taylor’s office in Washington.

So far there have been three indictments of his staff members, two convictions, and one trial to be held in the future. The prosecutor has said that he expects at least one more indictment. In spite of what Scott Taylor has said, that he has been cleared by the prosecutor, he and the rest of the campaign staff remain under investigation. These are
the words of the prosecutor.

Recently Scott Taylor threatened to sue Congresswoman Elaine Luria for uttering false accusations against him. This is beyond bizarre. If merely reporting the public information received by the entire community is libel or slander, then Scott Taylor should provide us with the legal opinion supporting his charges. We all know that if you are willing to pay the fee, you can get a lawyer somewhere to support your charges.

What we do know is Scott Taylor has forgotten the ethical principles that the Navy requires from their folks. You are responsible for the behavior of the folks that you lead in war and peace. You are responsible for knowing what your folks are doing and not doing. Organizations, companies, churches, platoons, ships, etc. tend to take on the personality and characteristics of the people who lead them. It appears that this is what happened to his campaign staff.

If I were the parent of one of these young folks who were led into criminal activity, I would want Scott Taylor to pay a price. Scott Taylor’s behavior is beyond disgusting.

He should not be our congressman.

Michael H. Lewis,

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