Voting Reminder Doesn’t Suggest Second Chance to Vote


Dear Editor:

The Democratic Party of Virginia has sent out reminders to voters who have requested an absentee ballot, but may not have sent it in yet. We’re all busy and may have forgotten to exercise our constitutional right to vote. This is a courteous reminder. Of course, there’s no intent to suggest anyone can vote twice, as we know that’s not possible because the system would kick back duplicates. I don’t believe the mailer even suggested second voting.

I’m glad the Registrar is doing her job in explaining to voters that the mailer is only a reminder and if they have submitted their absentee ballot already, they don’t need to do a thing. If the voter hasn’t mailed it yet, the voter may bring it to the Registrar’s Office, turn it in and vote with a regular ballot. Or they may mail the ballot and be thankful for the
reminder. If the mail-in ballot is lost, the voter can still vote in-person at the Registrar’s Office through Saturday, October 31st, or go to the polls November 3rd and vote a provisional ballot.

Isn’t Virginia marvelous for supporting our voter rights in so many ways?

Margaret Hampton,

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