Convenience Center Contrasts


Dear Editor:

My friends’ house was burnt down. They lost everything except the clothes they were wearing. So my other friend and I went to the convenience centers in Northampton County to see if we could pick some things up in the Put-and-Takes.

I was shocked by how terrible the centers were in Northampton County. In the Put-and-Takes, there were pallets for people to put items on. Under the pallets was so much junk and trash, the entire centers looked like they didn’t even take care of them. All the
metal bins were overflowing and people still put stuff in them. It was disgusting. The attendants just stayed in the office.

Then I went to the centers in Accomack County. What an amazing difference. Accomack County keeps their centers so clean, they take care of all the metal bins and everything. Some of them even decorate with seasonal things, like flags. I was actually amazed at how clean they keep the centers. Some of the attendants will help you if you need it. I think it does not take much effort to keep a place clean.

Linda Bauman,

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