COVID Deaths Top 9/11


Dear Editor:

September 11, 2001, 2,977 people died and 6,000 people were injured from a terrorist attack. As I write this, there have been 195,055 deaths from the 6,498,672 diagnosed cases of COVID-19. If left to run its course (called “herd immunity”), there will likely be 215 million infections and two to six million deaths.

(Studies show that the real number of “excess deaths” due to COVID-19 is 20% higher, more like 234,066 now, and the number of cases is higher due to the lack of testing, at 8,448,273).

I mourned after the attack in 2001. It did not have to happen. The Bush administration was warned.

I am mourning now for the COVID-19 victims and the destruction of our economic well-being. This, too, was avoidable. The Trump administration was warned.

I also mourn for the 40% of the electorate that claim they still support the Trump administration. The COVID-19 disaster is now 70 times worse than 9/11 in terms of deaths and 1,000 times worse in terms of injuries/ sickness. And the COVID-19 disaster is nowhere near over.

What are Trump supporters thinking? Did they cheer for the hijackers after 9/11? Why do they cheer the administration that has brought on a disaster that is so much worse than 9/11?

Also, today we have western states with wildfires out of control, caused by global warming. Global warming is accelerating every year. Maybe the denial of facts by so many American voters is the worst disaster of all.

Tony Picardi,
Belle Haven

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