A Perspective from the NAACP, Eastern Shore Chapter


Submitted Article – The Eastern Shore of Virginia may be far from Minneapolis, Minn., in terms of miles, but the hearts of the people are near to residents in the Minnesota community and the family of George Floyd. We sincerely express our condolences to George Floyd’s family. We too are a family that cares deeply about the treatment of our brothers and sisters across the country.  We feel their pain and empathize with the struggle that communities of color continue to face today and have faced over many years. We understand we can never neglect holding others accountable when taking someone else’s life. Racism, hate, and discrimination can never be tolerated.

We strongly agree with the brother of George Floyd as he encourages people to refrain from any types of violence and destruction of property as it greatly impacts the community in which we live. We stress the importance of change. Change comes when we vote, exercise our voices at community meetings, and attend public hearings that impact our needs.

The coronavirus has impacted the Eastern Shore in a devastating manner that supersedes some of the other counties in our state. It is extremely important that we take care of our buildings, pharmacies, stores, and personal property as they are our weapons against COVID-19 for saving lives. We are in an underprivileged and underserved area that has limited resources but great power. Our struggles are not over, but our influence can be major when we register to vote, stand for up for right over wrong, place individuals in offices that have our same concerns, and support those that promote economic funding for our area and our people.

Furthermore, this year will be crucial as we complete the U.S. Census, vote in the U.S. presidential election, and stay informed regarding local, state, and national events that affect the Eastern Shore. We have a voice and we can make a difference. We cannot stress enough the significance of voting. Let us never forget that we elect the government; therefore, we have power over ourselves with the choices we make in elections.

The Eastern Shore NAACP Region 1 and Jane G. Cabarrus, director, strongly promote the well-being of our community by refraining from destruction, instead utilizing our strength to make a difference through voting and speaking for the all people, especially the black and brown communities, in order to make a positive change. Louis D. Brandeis once said, “The most important office in democracy is the office of the citizen.” Register! Vote!

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