Nash Fined For Traffic Violation

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By Linda Cicoira — The controversy that struck the Town of Parksley in mid-August continued Wednesday when one driving violation placed against Councilwoman Julie Nash was dismissed in Accomack General District Court and she was found guilty of another.
Nash told the mayor and council in August that she was being harassed by a town police officer. She never named him but the Eastern Shore Post learned through court records that she was speaking of then town Officer T.M. Marks, who is now a county deputy.
The councilwoman said she was driving home Friday, Aug. 2, around 10:30 p.m., and was pulled over by an officer for not using her turn signal. The officer gave her a warning and advised her to get a better attitude.
Later, at about 12:30 a.m., the officer came to her door, banged on it frantically and would not identify himself, Nash said. She finally opened the door and it was Marks and another officer. She said Marks gave her two tickets for not using her turn signal. He had a change of heart about the warning and he said she went through another intersection without using the blinker after that.
Nash contends that there was no way he would know that since he left in the opposite direction and that the law states she does not have to use the blinker if there is no traffic around to see it.
“The police officer claimed to be behind me at (the corner of) Bennett and Cassatt (streets),” said Nash. “He was not, but the judge believed him and Kelsie (the other officer who testified).” Nash was fined $30 and had to pay $61 in court costs.
Regarding the ticket that was dismissed, Nash said Marks was not on the street so there was no one on the road to signal.
Speaking through Maj. Shane Childress, of the Accomack County Sheriff’s Office, Marks declined to comment when asked if he had anything to say about the outcome of the violations or Nash’s accusations of harassment. “He (Marks) has been with us a short time and so far he is doing a fantastic job,” said Childress.” As Marks’ superior at the sheriff’s office, Childress declined to comment about Parksley affairs.
Marks left the Parksley Police Department and started working for the county shortly after the August council session.
Parksley Mayor Wayne Marshall had no comment on the court outcome.

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