Lunch Letter Prompts Responses


Dear Editor:

Since you feel our children don’t deserve food, I’ll make it really simple to understand. A single parent making $9 an hour for 40 hours is $1,440 a month before taxes, so take home is $1,200. Rent $700, $200 lights, $50 water, $200 food= $1,150 leaving $50 for the month. I didn’t include health insurance, medication, car insurance, toilet paper, gas, or other necessities. School breakfast & lunch money comes from where? Apparently you didn’t do your research. Children cannot control their parents’ money! You want us to teach our children that even if you do work to provide, you still don’t eat because no one cares that you’re hungry? That teaches them not to care. Shame on you! Teach them it’s ok to let you kids go hungry because it’s considered a handout. Did you consider some people just need a little help not because they’re getting their nails done, because they paid their bills and have no money left! I would love for you to visit the homes of children that have no milk, no cereal, and tell that child even though your dad worked all week there isn’t enough money for food. Have you seen what minimum wage is? You may not mind your children or grandchildren going hungry, but I do. What you wrote is very selfish, uncaring, and heartless. These are children. And you stated “in ancient times” all children had lunch money. You may still be in “ancient times,” but our children of the world are not, and shall not be punished because some people still are!

Kelly Chapman, Cape Charles

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