Citizens Surveyed Satisfied With Chincoteague Police Department


By Linda Cicoira
Forty-three citizens or 100 percent of those participating in a survey conducted through the Chincoteague Police Department’s website said they were “satisfied with the overall performance” of the town agency.
The survey began Oct. 5, and continued for a month. It was promoted on Facebook.
Regarding the service provided for safety and security in the participants’ neighborhoods, 93 percent voiced satisfaction. Twenty-one percent of the citizens in the survey were “either a victim, witness, or suspect in an incident investigated by the department.”
Thirty-eight had “the opportunity to observe a Chincoteague police officer performing his/her official duties.” Of those, 37 thought the officer “seemed competent, had acceptable attitude and acceptable behavior.”
“We conduct these surveys because we want the citizens to have a chance to tell us how we are doing,” said Chief Randy Mills. Participants did not have to give their names. Fourteen percent left a contact name and phone number so a follow-up could be made. The rest remained anonymous.
“Some citizens left good comments and even some suggestions,” Mills said. “It’s always great when we can get the input of the citizens we serve.”
The officers are gearing up for their annual toy drive. Donations barrels for new, unwrapped toys will be placed at several businesses on the island to help less fortunate families. Those needing assistance should contact the police department at 6150 Community Drive. Details on the toy run set for Dec. 1, and the toy drive will be posted on the department’s Facebook page.

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