LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Thank you for saving Accomac school


To the editor:

I want to offer my most sincere appreciation to Chairman Ronnie Holden and the Accomack County School Board for their decision to save Accomac school. 

I get very excited when I think of all the possibilities for bringing this proud lady back to life. 

Thank you from those students of Accomac High School who went on to fight in World War II and Korea, and their wives and sisters who became our nurses and teachers. 

Thank you from the children who joined us at Accomac Elementary School from Onley and Melfa when their schools closed — and from T.C. Walker during integration. 

Many of us are still here and looking forward to watching this new project unfold. Thank you from the bright eyed innocent children who came to Accomac Primary School when Onancock became exclusively a high school. They are the last of many generations. 

And thank you from the families who remember sitting in the audience or participating in ballet and piano recitals, plays, concerts, fundraising events and graduations in the auditorium. 

Very soon I’m going to go back to minding my own business, but before I do I have one request. 

This building began its proud history as Accomac High School. 

Somehow calling it Accomac Primary doesn’t do it justice. 

Can we compromise and call it Accomac School?   

Barbara Haynes


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