EDITORIAL: Some seats are contested — and some are decided


It is good to see nine contested races in Accomack County on the Nov. 7 ballot.

It is not good that there are far more races in Accomack and Northampton counties in this fall’s election that have only one candidate.

In truth, office holders appreciate running unopposed for re-election. And it is also truthful that some of them are unopposed because they do a splendid job and serve our communities professionally. 

Still, it is a shame that there are no contested county races in Northampton. 

Does this mean voters and potential candidates feel they are being served wonderfully and well by their elected leaders? That’s certainly a possibility. 

We are heartened to see five Accomack School Board seats and three seats on the Accomack Board of Supervisors being contested. There is also a contested race for the circuit court clerk position. 

Having two or more candidates vying for a seat helps ensure a good airing of the issues and spawns community debate. 

Sometimes candidates for local office are vague or general about their campaign priorities. With some, it is difficult to ascertain what they stand for – or against. 

It is the responsibility of voters to take an active role in the Nov. 7 election and ask pertinent questions of those who want to represent us.

All candidates want to keep taxes low and ensure services are robust, of course. But those responses also are yawn-provoking. Voters should demand specificity. 

As we get closer to the election, we look forward to hearing the candidates’ platforms and plans. With so many good candidates in Accomack County, we look forward to an informative election season. 

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