LETTERS: Time for commitment to Accomac school


To the editor:

I want to sincerely thank the Eastern Shore Post for the spot-on editorial (“More action, less talk needed with former Accomac Primary,” May 12) about the long, drawn-out, secretive handling of a very simple thing — saving Accomac school. 

I would love to reminisce more about what this building means to so many of us but we must get serious. I have two points to ponder:

The committee that will determine how the renovation will proceed has no diversity. 

Based on what I am reading, they are set at any turn to pull the plug on this project if there is the slightest bump in the road. 

I do thank Board Chairman Ronnie Holden for his openness and willingness to move forward, but I don’t see true commitment from the committee. 

Why is there not a representative from the town of Accomac? 

Seems a shame that the people who are most interested have been cut out of the mix. There isn’t a single person from Accomac who has even been considered. I call this a closed shop. 

I ask also, is there anyone on this committee who even attended Accomac school? The folks who remember it as a high school are sadly no longer here. We must be their voices. 

There are still plenty of us who were at Accomac Elementary and later Accomac Primary. We carry the memories and the legacy. 

We remember the smell of 500 fish sticks baking  in the lunchroom. We remember the satisfaction we felt when we were chosen to wash the day’s chalk dust from the blackboard, and how the sun shone on the library shelves, highlighting all the books. 

Are none of us on the committee? 

I ask each member of the Accomack County School Board and the Accomack County Board of Supervisors this question: Are you truly committed to the successful renovation of Accomac School?  If so, say so. Start now by moving all the junk out. 

Open the doors so we can see what needs to be done. 

Stop hiding the damage caused by turning that beautiful building into a junk depository. 

I also ask each resident of Accomack County to press your elected officials for a verbal commitment to this project. 

If you are unhappy with their responses, Election Day is in November. 

Barbara Haynes


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