More action, less talk needed with former Accomac Primary building


In the Sept. 16, 2022, edition of the Eastern Shore Post, this page advocated saving the former Accomac Primary School and restoring it into county and school board offices. That still is the best outcome. We are eager to see it. 

But anything involving the stately school building moves at a glacial pace — and apparently will continue to. 

The Accomack School Board recently announced a committee will assess a recently completed feasibility study. The committee later will meet with the Accomack Board of Supervisors. There have been promises that it will be a transparent and open process. It also sounds like a long process. 

The committee includes professional educators and school board members. That’s nice, but not all of our top educational administrators have advanced degrees in architecture or construction management. They’re trained to build people — not office space. 

Further, it doesn’t seem like any of the prospective committee members live in the town of Accomac, whose residents are overwhelmingly in support of remodeling the school.

If the school board wanted to make it open and transparent, it would put Accomac Town Council members on this new committee and would get everyone’s input — residents, taxpayers, the board of supervisors — how to best use the school and the property. 

It should work right now with the board of supervisors to fund an architectural plan to renovate the school — and fund the actual renovation. 

More action than talk is needed. We can all agree that the future of Accomack Primary School has been talked to death. 

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