Letters to the editor: His favorite clam fritter


His favorite

clam fritter

To the editor:

In response to Ted Shockley’s April 14 column on the perfect clam fritter recipe, my go-to place for a clam fritter sandwich is the Wachapreague Volunteer Fire Co. Carnival.

My wife’s top choice was the  soft crab sandwich and I would rotate from the three — clam, oyster and soft crab. I always took home my order. 

This year I’m not sure if I will make it as Hospice will be in the picture Monday.

Linwood Windsor


Questions vehicle

towing policy

To the editor:

Poor people often have vehicles that don’t work all the time. 

A friend of mine recently had to pull his vehicle off  the road and leave it there, not far from his house. 

The following day, the police impounded it and had it towed.

My friend had to pay $300 to reclaim his vehicle.  

This is a lot of money, even for a person who is not poor. I doubt the police impound expensive cars belonging to wealthy people. 

This is a form of extortion. Shame on them. The truck wasn’t even a danger to traffic, as it was off the road. My friend was particularly disturbed by the fact that the police had his truck towed after six to eight hours maximum.

Shuli Tor

Wallops Island

Litter riddles

the Eastern Shore

To the editor:

In March 2023, Waste Watchers conducted their annual litter survey to determine the extent of the litter problem on the Eastern Shore.

Areas in both Accomack and Northampton County were assessed.

Survey results were somewhat favorable with an improved score in both counties from previous years, but Accomack is still above the national average.

The worst roads for litter in Accomack ere Neil Parker Road, Beartown Road, Airport Road, Drummondtown Road, Shell Bridge Road, and Big Pine Road. 

The worst road in Northampton County is Rogers Drive.

Virginia  Schneider


ESVA Waste 


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