What Else Didn’t Happen


Dear Editor:

Brian Bloedel’s letter in the July 1 edition of the Post uses the absence of a call on Jan. 6, 2021, by former president Trump to make an explicit declaration of a second American revolution as evidence of his innocence.

My reading is very different: in line with the concept that silence is agreement, Trump’s hours-long silence on that day and his eventual half-hearted call for the insurrectionists to leave the Capitol endorsed the violence generated by his supporters. The information being presented in the House Select Committee’s public hearings into the events on and leading up to that day clearly shows Trump’s complicity in and support of their efforts to bolster his childish refusal to accept his defeat in the November 2020 election.

As someone has commented, if the former president had initially acknowledged the accuracy of the vote counts from November 2020, he would have lost only once. Instead, he has lost dozens of times over, in the rejection of his spurious Big Lie claims by dozens of courts.

Sarah Nock,

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