Route 175 Issues Need To Be Addressed


Dear Editor:

A while back, VDOT redid the intersection at Route 13 and Route 175.

One bad thing they did was to put curbs in at T’s Corner. This often makes drivers stop abruptly in confusion, unsure of where to pull in. They sometimes get hung up and then back up off the curb into the lane, with lots of horn honking and yelling.

On the other hand, they did something extremely good. They lengthened the far left-hand turn lane to allow more vehicles over and out of the traffic. But they never lengthened the green arrow turn signal. It allows for, maybe, a bus and one or two cars, or five cars, or a truck and one car. This once again causes traffic to back up farther past the longer lane. VDOT needs to wake up and correct this ASAP.

Another item that needs to be addressed: There is a “no left turn” sign when drivers come off the causeway near the NASA visitors center. The sign is small and people ignore it, making the left turn anyway as if that sign is for other people and not for them.

They need a better sign; maybe one with flashing yellow lights during the center’s business hours.

If there was a police unit on the side of the road and these people received a ticket, maybe they would heed the sign. They might catch on when they pay the fine.

George Hornung,

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