Planning Commission Listens to Residents


Dear Editor:

As a public body, the Northampton County Planning Commission believes that listening to the citizens of the county is important to addressing issues related to zoning, the comprehensive plan, short-term rentals, workforce housing, etc. If receiving recommendations from the citizens of Northampton County is a “rare move,” it shouldn’t be.

Ken Dufty’s claim that he was “singled out” is an incorrect statement. Dufty presented his views as a citizen of the county during our public comment period. Anyone may speak before the planning commission at this time. I did ask Mr. Dufty to send me his recommendations, but I have not received any of his recommendations to date.

There are many issues that need to be addressed by the planning commission and solutions are better when the public brings forth ideas and suggestions so that the planning commission can consider all points of view.

Glen Anders,
Acting Chair Northampton Planning Commission

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