Council Needs Makeover


Dear Editor:

It’s time for a change. The town of Onley needs a good makeover. Elections are coming up this November and we need an entirely new council.

It is very sad that only a few people come to the meetings. I can understand why. The meetings are long and drawn out and very little gets accomplished. The council members vote on things, forget that they voted on a subject, and months later vote again on the same topic that was already voted on.

It is 24 years later and our town still does not have a town hall. How sad and embarrassing for our town. Councilmen Brian Corbin and Woody Zember both told me that Councilwoman Billye D. Custis is the main reason we don’t have a town hall and why this town has not moved forward. She objects to everything. They both stated that Councilwoman Claudia Harmon follows and votes 90% of the way Custis does.

Corbin has gone back on everything he ran for when he ran in 2020. He puts himself on too many committees and gets nothing accomplished. Zember has changed his mind on so many topics, makes untrue statements, and really should throw in the towel along with Custis, Harmon, and Corbin.

Please get out and vote and make a difference this November. We need new council members, who are running for the right reasons. We need honest, decent, and respectful people on our council. We need council members who remember they work for us, all the citizens of Onley, not themselves. We don’t need to vote in previous council members. They were voted out for a reason. Remember why they did not win last time.

I understand we have a previous vice mayor running for mayor and a citizen who was never on council before also running for mayor. Look at these two individuals and see if you truly think that either one will be good for our town. My opinion is no. Our present mayor may not be perfect but he has done the best he could with the present council. In my opinion he has done a decent job and he truly cares about Onley. Remember this when it is time to vote.

Richard Evans,

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