Firebirds and Ponies Compete in Eastern Shore Quad Meet

Arcadia and Chincoteague runners stride off the blocks in Wednesday’s meet. Photo by Whitney Metz.

By Whitney Metz —

The Arcadia Firebirds hosted Chincoteague High School and Holly Grove High School for the 2022 Eastern Shore Quad Meet on Wednesday, March 30. The following athletes from Arcadia and Chincoteague placed in the meet.

Boys  Results

100 Meter Dash: Cooper Brock 11.34 (Arcadia), Ivan Cook 1.74 (Arcadia)

200 Meter Dash: Cooper Brock 24.24 (Arcadia), third place Travis Harmon 27.24 (Arcadia)

400 Meter Dash: Jackson MaGuire 1:00.24 (Chincoteague), Jake Harper 1:00.64 (Chincoteague), Jordan Harper 1:02.24 (Chincoteague)

 800 Meter Run: Alex Soto 2:33.60 (Arcadia), third place Jesse Perez 2:44.50 (Arcadia)

3200 Meter Run: Aaron O’Shea 12:52.00 (Chincoteague), Byron Hurst 13:01.70 (Chincoteague)

100 Meter Hurdles: Nathaniel Harmon 22.24 (Arcadia)

300 Meter Hurdles: Nathaniel Harmon 54.24 (Arcadia)

4×100 Meter Relay: Arcadia 47.34

4x 400 Meter Relay: Arcadia 4:16.00, Chincoteague 4:16.10

High Jump: Kevin Cropper Jr  6-02.00 Arcadia), Lavor Johnson 5-10.00 (Arcadia)

Long Jump: Lavor Johnson 18-05.00 (Arcadia), Kevin Cropper Jr 18-04.50 (Arcadia), Ivan Cook 18-02.00 (Arcadia)

Triple Jump: Lavor Johnson 37-04.00 (Arcadia), Kevin Cropper Jr 36-08.00 (Arcadia)

Discus: Jalik Downing 96-09.00 (Arcadia), Brooks Mariner Jr 90-06.00 (Arcadia), Cole Miller 88-06.00 (Arcadia)

Shot Put: Jalik Downing 33-10.00 (Arcadia), Johnathon Holloway 32-04.50 (Chincoteague), Brooks Mariner Jr 29-01.50 (Arcadia)

Girls Results

100 Meter Dash: Emma Jackson 13.04 (Chincoteague), 3. Kayla Wharton 13.54 (Arcadia)

200 Meter Dash: Khamari Parker 35.44 (Arcadia)

400 Meter Dash: Ally Clark 1:17.34 (Chincoteague)

100 Meter Hurdles: Khamari Parker 21.94 (Arcadia)

4×100 Meter Relay: Arcadia 1:01.44

4×400 Meter Relay: second place Chincoteague 5:55.20

Long Jump: Emma Jackson 13-06.00 (Chincoteague), Janiya Harris 12-03.00 (Arcadia),  Anna Yunker 12-01.00 (Arcadia)

Triple Jump: Kayla Wharton 26-11.00 (Arcadia), Anna Yunker 26-05.00 (Arcadia), Amani Hope 24-01.00 (Arcadia)

Shot Put: third place Haley Justice 22-06.00 (Arcadia)

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