Consider Before Donating


Dear Editor:

One can search to see how your donation will be spent, but, also, whether or not your info will be shared with other charities or organizations. You can request that it not be shared.

I used to donate through Dining For Women to local or global causes, but COVID-19 put a stop to meetings so I gave to things I thought mattered, only to now find my mailbox full of requests from groups I’d never heard of. This might seem like a trivial matter given current problems, but a look at the carbon footprint generated by all this mail is more than sobering.

I have been discouraged from donating further as I spend part of most days writing groups to request no more snail mail.

You can apply to stop this practice, but I understand you may be asked for your social. I wish this sharing/selling practice were not legal, but there it is.

Ann Violi

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