ANEC Power Outage Leads to Information Outage


Dear Editor:

The submitted article in the Dec. 3 Eastern Shore Post describing the power outage that hit the Shore Dec. 1 was about as useful as blank space. The article tells us how many customers Accomack-Northampton Electric Co-op has, that two-thirds of them lost electricity for three hours, that ANEC’s employees worked to fix it quickly, and that ANEC’s CEO feels outages “are not acceptable in any fashion.”

Like we didn’t already know that stuff?

What it doesn’t tell us is why we lost power, other than to say it was “a transmission issue.” That’s like saying a horrific plane crash was caused by a “landing issue” without mentioning that the plane’s wheels fell off because the landing gear was badly manufactured.

As the owners of the ANEC co-op, you’d think we’d be entitled to know WHY we lost power?

Al McKegg

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